Exhibitions / Trade Fairs

Exhibitions / Trade Fairs

You are inviting your customers year after year – your in-house exhibition is a highlight in the personal contact with your clients and suppliers. This multimedia solution combines several types of media and therefore acts as an »attention magnet« at trade fairs.

Surprise them with something special: The Living Book® will certainly amaze them all! Its charming address, its clever interplay of different media and its magical effect are unforgettable – a new form of customer connectivity!

The contents of The Living Book® can also be used to design a conventional brochure. So the visitor can nearly take his own Living Book® home – digital and traditional brand management all in one!

Where monitors and digital slide presentations compete, The Living Book® magically attracts visitors. An unusual and surprisingly simple information terminal – and thereby a unique selling proposition for your company.

Concentrate on your business contacts – The Living Book® will do the company presentation for you. Also available as an eyecatcher in XXL format, whole groups will be able to experience your presentation simultaneously. Projecting the contents on surrounding walls will further increase the long-distance effect.

Link your trade fair invitations with a sweepstake: When your guest puts his invitation onto the terminal’s desk, The Living Book® will announce what he has won. Naturally, this is also possible with a digital guestbook.