Foyer / Hotel

Foyer / Hotel

No need for your visitor to wait for the right contact person of your company – The Living Book® is directly available and informs in your company’s foyer. An interactive installation which presents itself in an elegant and sustainable way.

Business partners or customers are informed about the company history or your products and services in advance.

The terminal can be designed individually to match the interior of your foyer. To enable usage at trade fairs or off-site, the same contents can be installed on mobile terminals. One book – a variety of application fields! Of course, the book can also be combined with a digital guestbook.

Talk to us about the affiliation of partners.

The Living Book® Illustrates Service Packages,
shows what your house has to offer, delivers orientation by using outlines and site plans.

Regional Events
are displayed, for example, via the Internet, and local services offer their programmes. Cinema, theatre, weather maps or the public means of transport are always up-to-date.

Affiliated Travel Operators
can place their offers just as restaurants or doctors, etc. – your guest will be able to find any service he needs at his holiday resort.