Showroom / Salesroom

Showroom / Salesroom

You know your company, its products and services inside out?
The Living Book®‘s enthusiasm in presenting your company is never waning, it always presents as on the first day being an effervescent source of information every day.

All of your salesmen have their hands full and yet there is always someone waiting for advice? The Living Book® will not only keep your customers happy, but also captivate them immediately. The multimedia-based installation is far more attractive than a conventional touch screen or a slide presentation on a monitor.

An innovative method to promote customer retention offering high-quality user experience. This installation‘s high degree of innovation will positively impact your company’s image.

Leave a permanent impression: The contents of your installation can also be used to design a conventional brochure. So you can hand your customers something directly linked to The Living Book®. Thereby, your contents will be remembered by your target group for a long time.

This unusual solution will be a driving force for your brand management!