Granitz Hunting Lodge

One of the exhibition‘s visitors commented: »Wanda of Putbus‘ travel journal is a real success and lets my hope for a time machine grow…«

For the Granitz Hunting Lodge on the island of Rügen a journal of the special kind was created: Princess of Putbus tells the story of her exciting journey to Egypt in 1861 accompanied by her husband – back then this was a real adventure. The journey alone already lasted several weeks on train and ship.

The large-sized, bilingual Living Book®, playing an essential part in the exhibition, tells among other things of visiting the pyramids and a harem, and of a cruise on the Nile.

Viewers are captivated by the book not only because of its animated maps, a historic photo album and a visualised sea voyage, but also because of its self-unfolding, pop-up pyramid and its enchanting narrator’s voice.

The exhibition visitor can individually leaf through the huge book and switch The Living Book®‘s language settings between German and English. The whole dramaturgy, all animations and the printed book itself with refinements and printed linen cover, were especially developed for this purpose. To guarantee their correctness all contents were created in close cooperation with curators and the client.

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