Grimm State Exhibition

In the Year of Grimm 2013 the exhibition in the documenta Hall in Kassel devoted itself to the life of the famous brothers. The visitors experience among others the joint work of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm on the fairy tale »Hansel and Gretel«, they are given an overview of the important stages in the brother‘s lives as well as an insight into the family Grimm.

»I almost don‘t dare saying this – since you probably hear this every day –  but this is ingenious, so ingenious…!« Visitor‘s quote

The Hesse Ministry of Science and Arts (HMWK), the state exhibition‘s organiser, appointed the company expo2508 to create the whole exhibition‘s conception and manage its completion. Working jointly with the team of expo2508, LIQUID conceptualised and produced The Living Book® in XXL format (1,580 x 1,050 x 750 mm).

Special features: printed on special paper. Designed to look old, but at the same time be resistant and withstand large numbers of visitors. Attached objects, like a lock of hair of little Hermann Grimm, the son of Wilhelm Grimm, convey authenticity.
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