The KUKA Robot Group stands for innovative technology in the robot-based automation of industrial production processes.

The Living Book® presents the group with its services, products, the company’s success story and with visions of a future use of robots.

The specifically developed foyer terminal was awarded with the iF-Design Award.

At the Automatica 2008 (International Trade Fair for Automation and Mechatronics in Munich), multimedial installations took over all company and product presentations. Robots were not exhibited. A Living Book® in XXL format with the size of one square metre (130 cm x 83 cm) was put onto a pedestal. Additionally, the contents were projected onto a screen. Even from a longer distance people could follow the presentations.
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Why a Living Book® for KUKA?

»Because we see ourselves as a leader in technology. So The Living Book® sets a good example. It is just as innovative as our products. New technology – our products – innovative marketing concepts – this is just one line.«

What is the benefit of this book?

»Customers visiting us are delighted . It is something new, something never seen before. Unlike standard presentations. An absolute novelty and they keep asking who has developed it. To this day, I would say it is still innovative.«

How does the book effect your image?

»We have an innovative marketing with innovative products. Just as we are different with our robots, we want to be different when it comes to our marketing products.«

And the acceptance among visitors?

»No one has seen it before. It is gladly used.«

Michael Hauptmann, Public Relations at KUKA Roboter GmbH