Mercedes-Benz Classic

Automotive history up close: How did the modern car develop from first »horseless carts«? How did Mercedes get its name? The multimedia book-installation »The Beginnings of Motorsport« was developed by LIQUID on behalf of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

The bilingual tome in XXL format when opened measures no less than 1.6 x 1.3 meters. Spectacular pop-ups, like one of the »Mercedes 35 PS« and various surface refinements provide for elements of surprise, as well as films that are exactly projected onto the printed pages when turning the pages.

Thus the viewer gets the impression of a magic, »living« book. A further highlight for car enthusiasts is the replica of a photo album of the world‘s first car race. As a book inside a book this album can be paged through seperately.

The Living Book® already attracted permanent attention during an advance presentation at Mercedes-Benz Classic‘s trade fair booth.

The visitors were enthusiastic about this interactive book: »We‘ve never seen the early automotive history put in scene this impressively and beautifully!«
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