For the exhibition »Save the World… at least a bit« LIQUID designed an interactive Living Book® enabling the reflection of one’s own consumption behaviour. The visitors are given their individual »ecological backpack« and a number of recommendations regarding the use of resources in everyday life.

This travelling exhibition offers a variety of information and suggestions on »resource conservation« – mostly displayed in or on wooden boxes.
Each of the boxes illustrates a certain everyday life fact, explains how we are currently dealing with the conservation of resources in our society and what everyone can do to improve this situation.

Among some other multimedial installations one special box contains the Living Book® acting as an »interactive resource calculator«.

Using touch panels the visitors are guided through 12 pages of questions related to their personal consumption behaviour. The answers sum up to their personal »ecological backpack«. An evaluation page then shows the different categories each rated with points. Depending on the ranking in each category, the visitors are given individual everyday tips for saving resources.

An interactive guestbook at the end of the Living Book® rounds off the exhibition visit asking the visitors to submit a personal comment on their own ideas of resource conservation.