Volkswagen Group Forum

The bilingual Living Book® with its »animate« presenter guides through various interesting sites of Volkswagen Group. This includes among others Porsche, Škoda, The Transparent Factory, the visitors’ service in Wolfsburg, MAN and one of Europe‘s biggest Volkswagen factories in Bratislava. These highlights of Volkswagen Group are presented in a thrilling and convincing quality.

The free-standing installation in its enormous format of 133 x 83 cm gives the viewer the impression of paging through a huge tome. The knee-high desk enables you to enjoy an ideal angle of vision and allows the book to be viewed from all sides. Therefore, up to 20 people can follow the presentation at the same time. As a special feature, the book is wrapped in an exclusive leather cover, plastically displaying relief-like protruding design elements.

A special add-on is the digital guestbook, where every visitor can leave a commenting video message. Another new feature of this interactive book is a calendar page that can be updated regularly by the clients via an online tool.

This Living Book® is presented in the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin, Unter den Linden.
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