Anywhere you would like

to inform people about

companies, products or services

in an appealing way,

The Living Book® will

attract a great deal of attention.

Due to the unusual synergies between

the different media types, the company history,

complex manufacturing processes or facts

are presented in a spectacular way

which is extremely conductive for your image.

The Living Book® is targeted at visitors, clients or customers, partners and suppliers – national and international guests. Children and senior citizens are likewise enthralled by the digital installation.


Museum + Exhibition

Exhibitions, museums and galleries are ideal places for The Living Book®, since it appeals to every generation of visitors. People of all ages are equally enchanted by this information system.

In the entrance areas, this interactive book provides a first overview of the premises and special features of the exhibition – it is a kind of “digital guidance system” and arouses curiosity. In exhibition rooms, the installation conveys background knowledge about exhibits and brings history to life. This is how this interactive book becomes a highlight of scenography. In the references you will find numerous examples for the use in museums.

Foyer + Hotel

Your guest is waiting for the right contact person – The Living Book® is immediately available and provides information in the foyer. An interactive installation that presents itself elegantly and yet sustainably.

The Living Book® illustrates service offers and shows what is offered within your house. It creates orientation with floor plans and shows interesting or frequently visited places in the building.


Regional events are shown via an online connection and local services offer their services. Cinema, theater, weather maps or public transport are available and up-to-date for your guests in the book.


Associated tour operators can place their offer in The Living Book® in the hotel foyer, as can the tourist office or restaurants – here the guests will find every service they are looking for at the vacation spot.


Showroom + Fair

Do you know your company, its products and services inside and out? The Living Book® speaks with the same enthusiasm like on the first day and offers a fresh source of information for the guests of your exhibition every day.

The Living Book® is a new way to build customer loyalty with a high user experience. This installation and its high level of innovation has a positive effect on your company!

You will also leave a lasting impression in your flagship store: the content of this interactive book can also be prepared as a conventionally printed brochure. In this way, you can hand your customers something that is directly connected to the interactive book and the contents will therefore linger longer in the memory of your target group.

Anniversary + Celebrations

Some employees, partners and customers do not know the history of your company? The Living Book® tells them in a special way – on this day and on each day thereafter.

The invitation to events can be combined with a personal greeting by The Living Book® to surprise the arriving guest. Show what you are proud of: your history, your achievements and your team.

A special event requires an unusual form of presentation! An integrated, interactive guest book ensures unforgettable moments. It offers space for dedications and keeps beautiful memories – digitally with film and sound.


Training + Sales

Are your products just as brilliant today as when they were invented? Do you want your employees to convey even more enthusiasm? Would you like to communicate your brand values more effectively?

The Living Book® helps you to cut right to the chase of the matter. It illustrates details of your products, guides you through complex processes or visualizes your brand world. Dignified or effective – fascinating in any case.

For off-site events, mobile terminals are the ideal companion and provide support for your employees during the presentation at exhibitions, sales events or staff acquisition.

The Living Book® shows why you represent a very special company. An eye-catching type of company presentation – unlike the conventional slide projection.

A mobile terminal can also accompany the sales employee when visiting the customer. Or he uses the same content on his notebook to represent the company.