A book awakens...

We develop The Living

Book® individually for you:

From the conception to the

realization and eventually

the installation on site.

This is how we guarantee

maximum quality.

Our service

The creation of a Living Book® includes many precisely coordinated individual steps. From conception to layout, animation, book production to technology and the terminal itself. We take care of all aspects and guarantee maximum creativity, quality and comprehensive service from a single source.

Functional principle, hardware and software components were specially developed for this multimedia application and tested in long-term use for their reliability. Many visitors have already skimmed through a Living Book® enthusiastically – and yet it is a rarely seen installation that will surprise your guests.

ARE YOU AN EXHIBITION DESIGNER OR BOOTH BUILDER and want to integrate the Living Book® into your conception for the customer? We would be happy to cooperate and support you in presenting the Living Book®. As your partner, we incorporate our many years of know-how into the implementation of the concept and the construction. It goes without saying that we adhere to design guidelines and confidentiality.

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Concept + Consulting

What does your target group look like? What do you want to achieve? Which contents should be shown? Together with you, we create the basis for your Living Book®. In the conceptual phase, we combine your knowledge of the content with our creative skills of exciting visualization.

In the beginning, all contents are dramaturgically structured and then joined together to form a coherent script. During the entire production process this script serves as a guideline to all involved. Naturally, we advise you on the type and the best position of your terminal. We are also glad to cooperate with your interior architect or booth builder.


Production planning + Realization

We plan the numerous individual steps for the realization of a Living Book® in advance and in accordance with your time requirements.

This makes a seamless transition from one step into the other absolutely imperative, especially when the work has to be completed on a specific date. If you wish to, we involve you in the individual working steps, using our specially developed online-tool.

About the milestones of production we inform you at any time.
In any case, you can be entirely sure that your Living Book® will be ready to go at the date fixed.


Text + Language

Language has to inspire, in regard to The Living Book® even in many different ways: Written, animated and spoken. Our editors turn all of the contents into entertaining and easy-to-read texts.

Pleasing and well-known voices increase the attractiveness of your Living Book®. We will gladly try to implement your wishes and ideas.

For the “magic book”, there are different language configurations as well as qualified translation bureaus and “native speakers” at our disposal. The visitor is able to change the language with a simple touch. This is detected by touch sensors, embedded into the stele or the book page itself.


Book + Finishing

The centre of the installation is a hand-bound book. Due to its material, its surfaces, colours and shapes, multiple sensory levels are affected. In the product, traditional knowledge and the love for books bring out the full potential of each book.

Many aspects are important to create a high quality book: Book format, matching paper, book cover and typographic refinements like, for example, embossing and punching. Special requests are feasible as well: From integrated material samples of your products to complex pop-ups that unfold by opening a page. Each book represents high quality craftsmanship and »Design made in Germany«. Because of that, our books withstand the use of many visitors with ease. However, if you still decide that the moment has come to place a “fresh” book on your desk, you can do that. For this very reason, several copies of every book are produces, for an easy exchange.


Film production + 3D-Animation

The script is essential for a fascinating interplay of print, audio and film. If you want to include actors into your Living Book®,we take care of the casting coordination and also of the direction of the film afterwards.
The digital postproduction including editing and dubbing is carried out inhouse together with our reliable partners.

Where no real shots are planned or have to be added, we insert digitally produced material. Elaborate processes, intricate products or historic events can easily be illustrated with 2D or 3D animations. These animations are created in a photorealistic or abstract way. In any case, your content will be coherently processed.


Music + Sound

Who says books can’t talk? We are giving them a voice. Visual worlds become even more inspiring when the acoustic world is well-matched. We create the soundscape for films and animations in the book.

For this, we collaborate with soundtrack composers, giving your Living Book® a distinctive acoustic character. Music, sounds and professional voice-over artists blend together and create an individual surround sound experience. By request, even in multiple languages.

For an optimised sound experience on site, we cooperate with experts. The sound space can deliberately be amplified in order to capture the attention of the visitors or focused to avoid disturbing other installations.

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“The Living Book has struck like a comet.

All visitors are thrilled. I never thought that 15 to 20 people could flock around the book at once. ”

Sabine Ullrich, curator of the exhibition “Henry I the Fowler in Quedlinburg”

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Programming + Special solutions

The control unit we have developed recognises every printed Living Book® with the currently opened page, in addition to the language pack.

The book is opened by the visitor: Immediately the program starts the matching animation and the magical fusion begins. We embed touch-sensitive content, interactive functions, guest books, databases, online connections, personalizations and much more.


New content + Updates

Things change. But books usually remain static in their content and have to wait until the “next edition”. However, The Living Book® remains flexible and alive.

Projected contents can be modified and supplemented. If updates are predictable, they are already considered in the phase of conception. Even a substitution of certain pages is possible. Furthermore, the projected contents can be updated by you at any time via a backend application, that is run in your browser. This makes sense if you want to show current events in your book, for example. Further technical features can be added at any time.


Terminal + Desk design

Integrated in a staged ambience, The Living Book® confidently stylish develops its strongest appeal. The terminals created by our designers meet the requirements for the perfect integration of your multimedia installation.

We are also glad to cooperate with your interior architect or booth builder to suit your individual architectural situation. Whether puristic and futuristic or dignified and traditional, the terminal design can be adapted to any request. As a part of our administration, we are mindful of a trouble-free realization and to provide the proper technical equipment.


Commissioning + Service

The Living Book® unfolds its liveliness through the fine-tuned interplay of printed book, projections and sound. We take care on site that your book “comes to life”.

Together with your technical partner, we assume responsibility over the construction and fine adjustment of the installation at your company. On request, we train your team in management and use. Detailed instructions are also included with each terminal.
Do you have problems or questions? One call is enough and we support you remotely or on site. You will also receive replacement books, page exchange sets and lamps for the projectors from us.