The hardware

The hardware we developed

offers a reliable

interaction of all

technical components

– with ideal usability.

The book, which is integrated into the desk, can be easily skimmed through – without slipping out of position. Every open page is recognized by the system immediately and the corresponding content is projected onto the pages. The software controls the interplay between book, film, audio and all optional extensions.


Mobile or stationary

Regardless of whether you only want to use The Living Book® at temporary events or want to show it firmly fixed in a museum or your company headquarters – we offer flexible solutions.

We offer two different designs for mobile use.
We manufacture the fixed installations of The Living Book® individually for you and in coordination with your interior design.
If it should be particularly noticeable, for example at large trade fairs, the book is available in XXL format. With these, sometimes you need two hands to turn the page.

Volkswagen_Pult_Ausschnitt Verbraucherzentrale_Pult

Individual terminal

As a permanently fixed installation, The Living Book® creates points of attraction in busy places. Museums and exhibitions, sales rooms, foyers or trade fairs are all made attractive in an unusual and appealing way.

The elegant thing here: Technical elements, such as a projector or audio system, are embedded out of sight. The magical effect of The Living Book® comes into its own and you get the impression that the book shines by itself.
Interior design, corporate identity or personal ideas are decisive for the design of the terminal. Every permanently installed Living Book® is developed according to these criteria and is supervised by us from design to installation and start-up.


XXL Book

With its impressive double-page size of 1,330 x 830 mm, this book gives the feeling of skimming through a giant tome. The knee-high desk enables an ideal viewing distance for a large number of visitors.

The technical components are mounted to (or into) the ceiling above the desk. Because of that, the terminal is unimpaired by the installation and allows for a view onto the interactive book from all sides. Up to 20 people can follow your presentation at the same time.
The desk is manufactured individually in your colors and can be equipped with a language change or touch function on request.
Desk dimensions: 1,580 x 1,050 x 780 mm (w x d x h)

Mobile Stele

The advantage of this installation is to be on hand in different places. Packed in two suitcases, the mobile stele is easily transported in a car.

The stable aluminum construction can be assembled and taken into operation by one person. Ideal if a stand-alone information system – for example at trade fairs – is required.
The dimensions of the installed installation:
700 x 500 x 2,280 mm (w x d x h)
Even more compact: the mobile desk.


Mobile Desk

Despite the compact dimensions – the Mobile Desk is a fully fledged multimedia terminal. This makes the device ideal when space is limited and, in addition, it is easy to transport.

The elegantly shaped housing made of polycarbonate and aluminum houses all technology, including touch function and buttonless language change.
Plug & Play: all you need to do is assemble the deflecting mirror and press the start button. Like the Mobile Stele, this terminal is protected by a sturdy case.
Dimensions: 800 x 480 x 190 mm (w x d x h), weight: approx. 16 kg