A fusion of book and film

The book comes alive and

inspires visitors in the museum or at the trade fair.

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Skimming through a

book means communicating

with no inhibition threshold.

Reach anyone!


A technical innvoation

that has a positive impact

on the image of your company.

The Living Book® attracts

attention because it is perceived

as a true innovation.


A perfect fusion

of several media types:

the simplicity of a book

combined with film elements,

3D animations and sound.


The Living Book®

activates many senses:

the senses of sight, touch,

of hearing and of smell.

The Living Book® is a multimedia installation combining book and film in a fascinating way.



The main attraction of the installation is a bound book with high quality printed pages. The viewer recognizes a familiar medium. He feels the surface of the pages and immediately “understands” how to use the book.

The well acquainted medium of books goes down well with the public. The usage is well known and intuitive – all the more impressive and surprising is the performance of The Living Book ®: People move across its pages, adress the viewer directly and images awake with vivid intensity.
Where a conventional book is initially expected, the Living Book ® amazes with its fascinating interplay of print, film and sound – a surprise effect that sticks in the visitors memory.



The desk forms the basis for the fixed book. An individual, precisely fitting film is projected onto each double page. Printed content and film merge to create a magical overall impression. This is how the book is brought to life in an exciting and effective way.

Complex topics are easily illustrated by animations. Extensive content can be conveyed in a varied and effective manner, even across several pages. The reader controls the reading speed of the “speaking book” himself. For many viewers, the book comes across like a “grimoire”.



Further information levels are viewed by a soft touch on the page surface. In this manner, multimedia applications can be controlled interactively and self-explanatory.

The twist: The technology remains invisible to the viewer. Paper and skimming behavior of the book are not affected! The book remains in its original form and the viewer can still feel the surface texture.
The usage matches that of a touchscreen. The pleasant feeling of printed paper makes the control a surprisingly different experience than the touch-sensitive monitors, that you are accustomed to.

Click here to see an article of the Bayerischer Rundfunk about The Living Book®.

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»I don’t dare to say

– I’m sure you’ll hear that all day –

it’s awesome, so awesome …! «

Trade fair visitor in Leipzig about The Living Book®


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