Ingolstädter Professoren stellen Buchschätze aus der Wissenschaftlichen Stadtbibliothek vor

Five authors of the 16th century present their outstanding works. The animated copperplate engravings speak directly to the visitor. The scholars introduce themselves and their careers and then describe the special features of their books.

The prints, which can be seen in their original size, are animated in a variety of ways: Insects crawl across the pages of the book, smoke rises from the book bundle, star images move across the pages and the Ingolstadt Panther breathes fire on the cover.

Television und Radio have reported on this Living Book.

The theologian Johannes Eck presents his German Bible translation of 1537 and gets into a heated dispute with Martin Luther, who is also present.

The “Astronomicum Caesareum” from 1540 is a masterpiece of Renaissance book art. The author Peter Apian illustrates how to determine the position of celestial bodies with the integrated rotating discs.

Leonhart Fuchs describes over 500 depictions of plants in all their stages of development in his herbal book from 1543. While he is explaining the strawberry herb, strawberries suddenly grow out of the middle of the book!

Johannes Aventinus tells the history of Bavaria in his “Chronica” (1580). The genealogy of the rulers but also the most important battles are described here.

Philipp Apian mapped the whole of Bavaria for the first time between 1554 and 1561. In 1568 he finally printed the 24 “Bairische[n] Landtafeln”.