Europäisches Hansemuseum

For the special exhibition “Good Fabric. Textile Worlds from the Hanseatic Era to the Present” im European Hansemuseum Lübeck, this Living Book® was developed. Afterwards, the book in four languages will be on display in the museum’s permanent exhibition.

“The Hanseatic League in the Textile Trade in Northern Europe”.
On six double-page spreads, visitors learn about Hanseatic privileges, trade routes and sales markets, standardisation and quality assurance, conflicts and trade policy.


The leather cover with clasp cites a historical customs book from Lübeck.

London in 1469: the Hanseatic League decides on a blockade against England. This is how they want to protect themselves from English competition…
The printed view of the city is supplemented by accurate projections.


Some of the projections go beyond the book format and thus cover the entire desk surface of 1,330 x 830 mm.


Photo: © European Hansemuseum, Photo: Olaf Malzahn

Der großformatige Foliant lädt zum Blättern ein. With this book, you can choose between a German, English, Swedish and Russian language version.


Photo: © European Hanse Museum, Photo: Olaf Malzahn