Mercedes-Benz Classic

Automotive history up close: How did those first »horseless carriages« evolve into the modern automotive? How did Mercedes get its name? The multimedia book installation »Die Anfänge des Motorsports« was developed by LIQUID on behalf of the Mercedes-Benz museum.

The bilingual tome in XXL format measures a remarkable 1,6 x 1,3 metres in its opened state. The suprise effect is not solely created by spectacular pop-ups, like the »Mercedes 35 PS« or diverse surface refinements but rather the movies, which are precisely projected onto the printed pages when turning the page.

This way, the visitor gets the impression of a »living« book. An additional highlight for car lovers is the replication of a photo album that shows the first ever car race in the world. It can be skimmed through separately as a »book within a book«.

The Living Book® was allready a permanent attraction at a preview booth of Mercedes-Benz Classic .

The visitors where delighted without exception by this interactive book: »We never experienced the early history of the automobile staged in such an impressive und beautiful way!«
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