Verbraucherzentrale Wanderausstellung

For the exhibition »Save the world… at least a little bit«, LIQUID designed an interactive Living Book® to rate the individual consumption behavior. The visitor receives his personal »ecological backpack« and a multitude of tips for the everyday life.

The traveling exhibition gives informations and reccomendations on the subject »resource preservation«.

Wooden crates serve as information carriers. Each crate showcases a selected issue in our daily lives and makes it clear what the state of ressource protection in our society is and what each and every one of us can do to improve this.

Among other multimedia intallations, a custom-built box presents The Living Book®, which serves as an »interactive ressource calculator«.

The visitors answer simple questions about their consumption behavior via touch fields over the course of 12 pages. Then they are able to calculate their own »ecological backpack«. On an analysis page, the different categories are rated with points and depending on the performance, different and individual recommendations for the preservation of resources are given.

At the end of the book, an interactive guestbook rounds off the exhibition and invites the visitors to leave a comment about their personal way to deal with resource protection behind.