Volkswagen Konzern Forum

The bilingual Living Book® with its visibly »alive« moderator leads the visitors through the different event locations of the Volkswagen Group. These include e. g. Porsche, Škoda, the Gläserne Manufaktur, the visitor service in Wolfsburg, MAN as well as one of the biggest Volkswagen factories in Europe, which is seated in Bratislava. The Highlights of the Volkswagen Group are presented with convincing quality and in a captivating way.

The free-standing installation with its huge 133 x 83 cm format makes the visitor feel like he is skimming through a huge tome. The knee-high desk allows for an ideal viewing angle and can be viewed from all sides. That way, up to 20 visitors can follow the presentation at the same time. The exlusive configuration with a high quality leather cover shows the relief-like protruding design elements in a plastic way.

Special attributes are, for example, a digital guestbook, in which each and every visitor is able to leave his comment in the form of a video behind. A brand-new feature of this interactive book is an always up-to-date event page. The content can be updated by the customer through the use of an online-tool.